Liturgy of Love

The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread. ~Mother Teresa

Our three-year old travels with her dad two days a week to attend preschool. Each morning as she’s standing by the front door putting on her coat and slipping on her backpack, she calls out “I’m ready to go!” She’ll catch a glimpse of me in the kitchen, “Mom!  You tell everyone I’m ready to go.”

The front door closes with a swoosh as she leaves. A few seconds pass and you can hear the sounds –  feet shuffling, a door banging, a chair scraping across the hardwood floor. Boys descend stairs, a sister leaps out of a chair, another brother stomps in from outside. One by one they come, grab coats, gather on the front porch and wait.

A few more minutes and my husband’s car emerges from behind the garage. He slows, rolls down the window and everyone raises an arm offering a hearty wave along with the words, “Bye! We love you! See you soon.”

It’s chorus of joy and exuberance.

We laugh.  And we wave. And we smile.

We can see her pony-tailed face peering out the back window and her chubby little hand gently waving back at us, “Bye! I love you.” Her little voice carries across the driveway, “See you soon.”

We watch until the car crests the driveway before we wander back inside, hang coats, finish breakfast dishes and slip back into our routines.

I’m not sure how this liturgy of love began. This twice-a-week ritual of parting. But somewhere along the way it became a part of the rhythm of our lives. Something to be expected, an anchor securing the love and affection we have for one another.

Expressions of love seem their most profound when they are simply part of the fabric of our daily lives – assuring us that our presence is valued and not being taken for granted.

In what small way are you loving the people in your life today? Why not begin your own liturgy of love?

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