If you are interested in my coaching services or my leadership for a spiritual life retreat you can send an email to

My Coaching services: My approach to coaching is rooted in my background in pastoral care, spiritual direction, Resilient Leadership Coaching, training as an educator and my ongoing study of Bowen Family Systems Theory. Rather than being agenda driven, what I do can be described as guided listening. I listen for what’s important to you and provide support in helping you discern and clarify your thinking, set goals and increase your capacity for navigating challenges at work and home. I work with people from a variety of backgrounds, belief systems, and at different stages in life’s journey. Common themes that emerge in the work I do include: relationships, parenting, aging parents, finding meaning and purpose, transitions, work life issues, leadership, time management, grief and loss, and planning.

Read more about my experience as a Resilient Leader.

Group and Retreat offerings include:

Radical Hospitality – Based on Amy Oden’s book, God’s Welcome, this retreat focuses on the discipline of hospitality and developing a spirit of welcome. We’ll look at building community and creating meaningful connections.

Holy Places – In this retreat we’ll spend time thinking and talking about those places where you’ve experienced God’s presence and grace. You’ll build an awareness of God’s leading and at the same time develop your own spiritual geography.

Thinking and Talking about Time – This retreat explores time, what steals your time, what shapes your time, what gives time meaning.

Let’s Play – This retreat offering explores play as a spiritual discipline. We’ll have fun together and provide time and space for individuals to reflect and discuss with others on how to nurture the spirit of joy in one’s life.

All of the retreat offerings can be expanded or abbreviated to allow for an overnight experience or a mini 1 to 1.5 hour session with interested persons.

Work with me to:

Discover more about yourself.

Recognize your personal responsibility in all of your relationships.

Make purposeful adjustments to your ways of thinking and feeling.

Develop a new way of seeing life’s challenges and opportunities.

My Guiding Values:

Relationships matter.

Curiosity broadens perspective.

Growth is always possible, if desired.

Self-awareness and reflection are essential.

3 Basic steps for family and work life:

1. Get calm.

2. Get clear.

3. Get connected.

My coaching approach includes identifying what’s important to you, relationship building, teaching, reflection and regular assessment regarding our time together. We’ll draw on a variety of tools I have designed for reflection and strategic thinking. I value this opportunity to provide support to persons interested in continuing their journey of self-discovery and growth.

Availability and Pricing

If you would like to explore my services as a coach I offer sessions via Zoom for interested persons. All sessions are 45 minutes and are $75 a session. If you would like to go the next step, email me at We’ll set a date and I’ll provide some initial paperwork to get us started. Payment is completed through Zelle, Venmo or Google Pay.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed therapist and do not have mental health training to diagnose or treat mental health conditions. Rather, our focus is future oriented to help you gain clarity, adopt creative changes, and move towards a better version of yourself. All expenses are out of pocket and not covered by insurance.