It is much too easy to go through the day without a smile. To become so self-centered, so over-consumed with life’s issues that all hopes of a twinkle are extinguished. But it’s true you’ll do more good with just a little smile than you ever will with self-consumption . Your spouse, your children, your co-workers will benefit in great ways with that one minor seemingly … Continue reading Smile


Five months into the pregnancy we felt it was time.  Time to share our news.  A baby was on the way.  And so we gathered everyone together just before bedtime and told them.  We told them our good, good news.  It was a surprise for all.  One celebrated being a big brother…again.  One celebrated the possibility of having a little brother.  One celebrated, because everyone else was celebrating.  And one…cried.  Continue reading “Pray”


Peter Mayer performing “Ever Walk With Me Lord” from his CD “Stirrin’ Up The Water” Soul full.  Inspired.  Blessed. Why not listen? Peter Mayer Ever Walk with Me Lord Refrain: Ever walk with me Lord Each night and day a rejoicing With kindness the harmony, justice the beat You’ve turned my footsteps to dancing Oh Ever walk with me Lord How can I come before You? … Continue reading Listen


Beginning something new or re-visiting something old to begin again can be daunting. The task can loom large before you causing you to hesitate, wander, or yes, even give up. But the first bold step of beginning can be life-giving and each step thereafter draws you closer to what you envision. So, instead of being side-tracked by what might not happen, why not be propelled … Continue reading Begin