The Fullness of Time

May you see the blessing in all your days,

Notice beauty and sweetness, and be amazed.

May you love without bound,

Ever feel God surround.

May you mend and tend,

May you learn without end.

May you see the blessing,

May you seize the blessing,

May you be a blessing in all your days.

~Rabbi Dayle A. Friedman © 2012

A recent long weekend of four overnights and 1700 miles of driving included a stay at Lake Junaluska in Western North Carolina, a Saturday night wedding with a Sunday morning brunch in Columbus, Mississippi, and a roadside break at Claytor Lake State Park in Southwest Virginia. On the fourth day as we drew close to our home near Richmond, Virginia my husband remarked, “It seems like we’ve been gone longer than just four days, not in the sense that it was too much, but in the sense that it was such a rich and full time.” From the beauty of the mountains to the joy of connecting with loved ones, to the sense of gratitude for all the abundance we experienced along the way it was a rich and full time. I think it’s the fullness that keeps time from slipping away. Working in a life-plan community where the average age is 80 plus I find that time is very much on people’s minds. Too much time, not enough time, the right time, time gone by, or just wondering what time it is! Time is how our humanly life is organized, and what we choose to do with it is how we experience meaning.

Some wonder if it is too late to live a meaningful life., while others feel life’s responsibilities stand in the way of living the life they want. But I don’t think we have to surrender meaning at any stage. Whether you are a student, or working a full-time job with two side hustles, or in the later years of life I think there’s still time. Creativity, gratitude, wonder, connecting, giving, making music, resting are all simple practices that can bring richness into our lives. No matter the stage of life I think it’s possible to add some or all of these practices into one’s routine. And if you do, maybe you’ll discover that it’s not that difficult to punctuate your life with the meaning that makes one’s life rich and full.

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