When No Means Yes


Lady Writing a Letter, Thomas Faed
Lady Writing a Letter by Thomas Faed


I have a l.o.n.g. wish list of projects I would like to start (and finish), books and blogs I would like to read, walking trails I would like to explore, people I would like to see, notes I would like to write. The list is so great that at times it can be overwhelming. And in the midst of all this list-making new opportunities often present themselves.

It makes my head spin.  But I find when I take the time to take things off my list I am energised. By saying no to one thing I am really giving myself permission to say yes to another. Instead of skimming  the surface through a myriad of possibilities I allow myself to go deeper with a few things. It’s not always easy to draw a line through an item or two or even ten on the list. In fact, it is sometimes painful. But it’s not final. I can sometimes add the idea back to my list later if I’m led in that direction.  And yet, the simple act of eliminating ideas in the present gives one the freedom to say, “yes” to other opportunities.

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