Every. Single. Word.

She shaped the clay and spoke the words

And they hit me hard.
It can’t be true.
Not me.

“Words have power. Everyone has said something at some time that has hurt someone,” she mused.

I thought. When have I said something that has hurt someone? And the longer I considered the possibility the more I knew it was true. Not intended, but real all the same. Foolish words said in jest or in a rush or simply said, but said all the same.

Can I go back in time and change all the words?
Can I just imagine those moments never happened and start fresh tomorrow?
Start fresh…now?

No. And yes. You can’t change the words, but the words can change you. You can’t change the history, but you can speak today. Speak now in a new, in a fresh way – with a wiser heart and a careful thought and a deeper understanding that when you speak there is power in Every. Single. Word.

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