A Word for the New Year

Buffet fit for a King
Buffet fit for a King (Photo credit: basykes)

I thought it might be inspiring if our family had a word for the new year, something that might define us, guide us, challenge us in our choices and our journey.  So, I offered the idea to my clan (1 husband, 3 boys and 2 girls).  I explained the  intent and their minds began to ponder the possibilities.  I threw some words of my own on the table to get us started – freedom, caring, love, friendship, generosity, hospitality.  They were not impressed.

After careful thought the boys seemed to catch on and offered their best idea.  The 15 year old led the charge – food. The 13 year old had a better idea – feast.  Someone said something about – eating.  They finally agreed on – buffet. They were pleased, buoyed in fact, by their insights. And now I’m not so sure.

Maybe we don’t need a word after all?

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