Do the Next Thing

Life can be overwhelming. Work, home, health and well-being can sometimes present us with more than we can realistically manage in a day or even a season.

I’ve always been inspired by Elisabeth Elliott’s story. She recounts how when her husband Jim, a missionary, and several of his colleagues were murdered in South America that she didn’t know where to begin. But God infused her heart with God’s love and gave her direction through a poem her mother had taught her entitled “Do the Next Thing.” So Elisabeth, confident that Christ would show her the way, simply began where she was with the smallest of tasks – feed the baby, prepare the next meal, write a letter. And in time, by God’s grace, she moved from despair to hope.

Perhaps, this post finds you in deeper waters than you would prefer. Why not take a breath, give thanks and let God lead you to do the next thing?

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