Keep the Home Fires Burning

In all the homes my husband, Burt, and I have shared a central piece has been a fire place or wood stove. Even if a home had a gas insert when we moved in, high on the priority list was removing the gas insert and replacing it with a wood stove. Over the years as storms have passed through collecting and splitting the wood has been an important task in preparation for those cold nights and days when we could enjoy the comfort of a fire. During this recent late winter/early spring season of an especially cold period I have found such delight in coming home to our evening ritual of dinner followed by gathering in the family room by the fire.

Jane Kirkpatrick, a favorite author, shared several years ago that “passion is found at the center of the home, the hearth. In the first century, it was where people were fed, where stories were told, where people received nurture. It was also where the heat was and the further people got from the fire, the colder they became and they would lose their passion, forego what mattered.” I believe we all need to find simple things that bring us together time and time again so we can nurture what matters. It might be a meal, making music, sharing a story, playing cards, drinking a cup of tea, or tending a fire. So many lasting gifts are given in these simple rituals. I’m grateful to my husband who keeps the home fires burning for our family and makes coming home such a joy each day.

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